Graphic Designers, Brand Managers, CEOs:

There are

Core Principles

of Branding Design.

It doesn’t matter

if you don’t know about them

or don’t believe in them.

They are universal

and immutable,

like the law of gravity.

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Following Core Principles

does not guarantee

inspired design,

but at least a logo

can work for the client

in all situations

and can serve them well

for decades,

maybe even forever.

But ignoring the Core Principles

of Branding Design

does guarantee

that a logo will not work

and will need to be replaced.


Paying for a new

brand design

is just the beginning.

The cost of implementing

that new design

can be significant.

Photo Credit: David Scott Design Office

This is not about

Brand Positioning.

Brand Strategy,

Consumer Research,

Brand Ideology,

or Marketing.

It’s about