A. Michael Shumate, author of Logo Design Theory

A. Michael Shumate

BFA, RGD Emeritus
Professor Emeritus Graphic Design
Logo Design Theory Evangelist & Trainer

Michael is a designer, a teacher and trainer and the author of “Logo Design Theory: How Branding design Really Works.” He has designed identities in all areas of branding: commercial, government, institutional, product and retail.

He taught graphic design and illustration for twenty-five years at St. Lawrence College and is now Professor Emeritus. He is also RGD Emeritus (Registered Graphic Designers of Ontario).

There are some who say, “Those that can, do, and those who can’t, teach.” That may apply to some teachers. (You can judge for yourself with Michael’s Branding Portfolio below.) But there is also another old saying, “The teacher learns more than the students.”

While teaching Branding Design he had about 900 students over 25 years and had to grade over 2700 branding projects. That helped him discover fundamental principles of identity design, the Core Principles of logo design, that remain true, regardless of current fads or fashions as well as what to avoid in designing a brand.

During that time he also saw that some of the identities by designers like Paul Rand, Saul Bass, and Chermayeff & Geismar that have lasted for decades – some for over a half century – but still look modern and fresh. Why? Becuse they conformed to thosoe Core Principles of logo design.

Teaching is Michael’s passion, to pass on what he’s discovered. He does it with convincing visuals, plain language and a healthy dose of humor.

Logo Portfolio of A. Michael Shumate

Sustainable Forest Alliance
Human Rights Movement PEI
Island Wide Hospital Access
Maritime Stone and Timber
Logo For Sparrow Communications (Advertising Agency)
David Luke Associate (Management Consultants)
Elementary Science and Technology Partnership, Queens University Faculty of Education
Eastern PEI Chamber of Commerce
Elfstone Press
Heyland Medical - Tech Value Network
Heyland Medical - Carenet
Heyland Medical - Critical Care Network
Heyland Medical - Clinical Evaluation Research Unit
Heyland Medical - Zap the Vap
Lamb and Lion
PIE Institute of Man and Resources
Kane Leadership - Management Consultants
Mister K's Restaurant and Lounge
Small Business Assistance Program - Regional Economic Expansion Canada
Latimer Soapworks
Working Forest PEI
Design Ed - IMprint of Boheme Publishers
KIngston Arts Council
CargoFix International - Importers
Xpansion Software - Online Vendor
WM Services - Cottagers Property Management
Confederation Conference Centre
Explore Economics East - Business Conference