Michael Shumate talking about famous fails in branding design
Michael Shumate giving his PrimaDonna or Professional Presentation

No solution fits all needs. Pick and choose the services that make sense for your situation

Design Schools

Michael Shumate as a guest seminar teacher

Design Faculty Seminar

I help design faculty understand the Core Principles
of Branding Design so that they can teach branding design that lasts forever. Seminars of 1-3 days.

Teaching Resources Library

I leave a whole resource library
of PowerPoints, Project Sheets, Handouts, Sample Evaluation Forms and more.

Design Studios

Michael Shumate conducts an in-house seminar

Design Studio Seminar

I help graphic design staff a concentrated course about branding design
for 1-3 days.

Michael Shumate facilitating the design of a new identity

Workshop a New Corporate Identity

I work with your designers to develop
a new corporate identity design
for presentation to management or client.

Company Rebranding

Virtual-Mentor Your Design Staff

I consult with your staff throughout the implementation of the new corporate identity
as long as is needed.

Michael Shumate designs a new company identity, your staff implements it

I Design, Your Staff Implements

I design your new identity
and virtual-mentor your staff throughout its implementation as long as is needed.

My Mission is to spread the knowledge

of the Core Principles of Logo Design Theory

throughout the design industry, any way I can.