Logo Design Visual Technique #4: Unique Coincidence

A. Michael Shumate

A. Michael Shumate

Every new client’s corporate activity, ideals, name or initials carry unique visual opportunities that will work only for that particular kind of business or name or set of letters.

When conceptualizing, take some time to play with the letters or images involved. Imagine images upside down. Try them in mirror image. Look at the sketches you are considering. Are there shapes that can work well together? Explore different fonts and ways of making letters. Pay attention to overall shapes, to the negative spaces, to possible ways of joining shapes. Strip away preconceptions; let the edges blur in your mind. You are less likely to see unique coincidences at first glance when you are thinking too literally, or if you’re working on a computer; they present themselves more often with paper and pencil.

These kinds of serendipitous joinings most often percolate to the top when you have time to fiddle with the bits and let the magic happen. Such coincidences can’t be forced, but when they work well, they are a joy to see.

Each of these concepts is unique to the particular letters used in combination with the corporate name, activity, ideals or fonts being experimented with. If that experimentation had not happened, these delightful identities would never have been created.

Adapted from Logo Design Theory: How Branding Design Really Works

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